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Knowing whether your child is ready to commence school can prove to be a difficult decision. Not only must children be academically ready for the transition but they also must possess the appropriate social and emotional skills to support them to successfully develop friendships with their peers along with the self-confidence to enable optimal learning. We understand these challenges that parents commonly face and can help you make an informed decision for your child based on their individual needs, through our school readiness assessment package.

In some cases, children are deemed eligible to commence their schooling earlier than usually required (early entry schooling). A school readiness assessment can also be useful in determining whether this is an option for your child.

Further information about early school entry requirements can be found on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) website.

School Readiness Assessments

Process of School Readiness Assessments

​A school readiness assessment typically includes:

  1. Initial appointment – parent interview to review your child’s educational and developmental history. In this session it will also be determined which assessment is appropriate. 

  2. Testing – depending on your child’s ability and engagement with the tests, the testing will be done over two or three sessions.

  3. A play-based session with a Psychologist and/or kindergarten observation (as required).

  4. Scoring and interpreting results – each assessment will be scored and interpreted against standardised results.

  5. Report writing – the behavioural observations during testing will be recorded, along with the results of the testing, and recommendations for your child.

  6. Feedback session – the psychologist will discuss the outcomes of the testing in this session and provide recommendations for parents or schools as required.

  7. A Letter to the Victorian Department of Education to support early school entry – if eligible.


As each assessment is uniquely tailored for the individual needs of the child, we encourage you to give us a call about our assessment services. A school readiness assessment may be required as part of early entry or delayed entry to school requirements set by private schools or the Department of Educational and Early Childhood Development. 

For further information on school readiness assessments or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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