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Couple and Family Therapy

Are you having trouble communicating with your partner effectively? Are you finding it hard to move past issues in your relationship? Are you looking for ways to strengthen your family's relationships and communication? Eden Psychology will work with you to help strengthen and improve your relationships.


All relationships experience difficult times. Feeling disconnected from your partner can feel very lonely, scary, disappointing or frustrating. Without effective ways to manage conflict and increase closeness, it can be difficult to have a satisfying relationship with your partner. 

Therapy can help you feel connected again by strengthening the positive aspects of your relationship and learning to effectively resolve issues. At Eden Psychology we will work with you and your partner to reconnect and develop new skills to encourage better communication, understanding and respect. The main aim is to heal past hurts and focus on improving closeness, connection and intimacy.

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Relationship issues can gradually impair you and your partner's confidence, self-esteem and health. If you are experiencing or have experienced the following problems and they are causing you distress, you may want to consider couples therapy:

  • Reduced feelings of satisfaction about the relationship

  • Concerns about drifting apart or leading separate lives

  • Not knowing how to resolve issues

  • Getting stuck in the same argument

  • Not feeling passionate or loving towards your partner

  • Feeling like you and your partner do not understand each other

  • An affair, or difficulty coming to terms with a partner's past affair

All families have their challenges and go through difficult times, whether they are developmental problems, communication problems or health and medical problems. Sometimes these can be overwhelming. We can help families recognise and address issues within the family group as well as helping individuals.

The goal of family therapy is to help family members solve problems and conflicts through improved communication, greater awareness of childhood and adolescence issues, and better understanding of special family situations.​

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We can assist parents and families on a range of presenting issues, including:

  • Parent coping, stress management and mental wellbeing

  • Separation, divorce, or remarriage,

  • Serious illness or death in the family

  • Child and adolescent emotional and behavioural issues

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Contact us for further information about how we can help you, or request an appointment.

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