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Our DBT Skills Training is a comprehensive program that runs for 12 weeks and includes weekly 2.5 hours group sessions. The group session format is like a classroom environment, and we ensure a practical approach with a strong focus on skills application.   

Each session includes mindfulness exercise in the beginning and by the end of the session, homework review and new content (skills) each week. 

We ensure a practical approach with a strong focus on skills application. The treatment plan is considered most effective when group sessions are combined with individual sessions running at the same time. This will give you the opportunity to discuss and apply specific DBT skills to your current everyday life. Therefore, it is also recommended that each client attends an individual session for skills acquisition and generalisation based on each participant’s individual experience.


Individual sessions can be obtained through a mental health care plan with Medicare rebates that allow up to 10 sessions per calendar year. 

Telephone coaching from your therapist can be available in-between sessions if you’re  experiencing emotional crisis.  

The breakdown of content covered in the 12-week program is:

Mindfulness - 2 weeks

  1. Introduction to DBT, values and Life Worth Living goals, 3 states of mind.

  2. Mindfulness core skills.

Emotion Regulation - 4 weeks

  1. Understanding and describing emotions + model of emotion.

  2. Accumulating positive experiences short and long-term (+ values and goals, review of Life Worth Living).

  3. Building mastery, coping ahead, and taking care of your body (PLEASE skills).

  4. Options for problem solving, checking the facts and opposite action. 

Distress Tolerance - 4 weeks

  1. Crisis survival skills: STOP, TIPP, pros and cons.

  2. Distracting: ACCEPT, improving the moment and self-soothing.

  3. Radical acceptance, turning the mind, 

  4. Willingness/ Wilfulness.

 Interpersonal Effectiveness - 2 weeks

  1. Goals for interpersonal effectiveness. DEAR MAN and FAST skills.

  2. Mindfulness of others, GIVE and THINK skills + Loving kindness mindfulness 

Adult DBT Skills Training

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