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What are Cognitive Assessments?

A Cognitive Assessment enables an individual to explore their general thinking and reasoning skills to determine intellectual functioning. The assessment is conducted through the administration of standardised psychometric tools that cover various domains of cognitive ability, for example, verbal comprehension, visual-spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory and processing speed.

Cognitive Assessments

Process of Cognitive Assessments

​​A cognitive assessment typically includes:

  1. Initial appointment – background information is gathered, including developmental history, academic ability, medical issues, family relationships, and issues raised in order to gather a detailed picture of you or your child’s environment. In this session it will also be determined which assessment is appropriate.

  2. Testing – depending on you or your child’s ability and engagement with the test, this will be conducted over one or two sessions.

  3. Scoring and interpreting results – each assessment will be scored and interpreted against standardised results.

  4. Report writing – the behavioural observations during testing will be recorded, along with the results of the testing, and recommendations.

  5. Feedback session – the psychologist will discuss the outcomes of the testing in this session and provide recommendations for individuals, parents, or schools as required.

As each assessment is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual, we encourage you to give us a call about our assessment services. This can be an emotional and difficult time for families. Eden Psychology can sensitively guide families through the process of obtaining a cognitive assessment while offering support and advocacy for prompt intervention options. 

For further information on cognitive assessments or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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